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sterling is not a racist but, she says, she is not fully supportive of his reaction to the controversy do you think that donald sterling should apologize? >> absolutely. >> did you success discuss this with him? >> yes. >> will he apologize? >>. >> our ted rolands joins us live. what did she say about her relationship with sterling? >> that's one of the big questions since this started a week ago, water the deal about the 80-plus-year-old and the 30-year-old, water going on will? barbara walters asked what is your relationship? >> he's in his '80s, are you in your 30s? >> i'm 31. >> are you a beautiful young woman, so i'm not sure that i
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understand the relationship. >> bell, i'm mr. sterling's personal assistant. like i said, i'm his right hand. i'm his wing man. . what is there to understand? >> well, let me ask this. do you and donald sterling have a financial arrangement? you say you are his assistant and does he pay you? >> yes. >> as an employee? >> he at first started paying me as an employee. then he started paying me off the books. >> already, ted, right now, are you outside of the staples center game seven, people are there to watch the clippers take on the golden state warriors. how do you expect this or anyone has mentioned this latest
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interview of mr. sterling, himself, yesterday, how might that impact the players tonight? >> well, it's hard to say, fredericka, the coach has gone to great length to say he is doing his best. they're professional himself. they didn't play very well. there was some speculation that the off court stuff had something to do with it. when the nba came out so hard saying sterling, the players let them focus on the game, itself, because they were happy with that response, that quebec, decisive response, we will see what happens toompbt. any game seven is thrilling in the nba. tonight will have a lot of things across los angeles and across the country. a lot of people are cheering for
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the clippers. >> they're the twrundz docs because of the controversy because they have been a fantastic team with a wonderful season, now this week nba owners are expected to meet to talk about forcing sterling out. any idea what day. this could all come down on? >> we don't know after the ten member committee met last thursday, it was announced they had voted unanimously to vote the following week. with eden know what day. the nba said the following week. if 75% of the owners say yes, he needs to get rid of the team, that's it. according to nba constitution. there is a lot of speculation what, if any, legal fight he could do to put a hiccup or two here. but we haven't heard from him much. there was a small snippet from an online article he did. he didn't get much in terms of
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is he going to put up a fight? that will be the key. >> ted rolands, thanks so much. right outside the staples center in los angeles. all right. there is a lot of talk about what sterling could do to hold onto the clippers. we will does all of that straight ahead. . . all right, it's been a violent and deadly day in the ukraine. we are hearing more reports of clashes between ukrainian troops and pro-russian separatists. people were warned in one town to stay inside their homes. there was one glimmer of hope. western separatists were released today after they were freed, they appeared with the acting ukrainian prime minister we'll have a live report coming up from around the world. nick peyton walsh is live near
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slavynysk. matthew cans in live in moscow. nick, you are in the middle of the region where all this violence is happening, what did go on today? >> reporter: well, we had a glimmer of good news, the release of the 12 strong gel e delegation from the osce. they have us kaed hell for 12 days, today after a russian envoy released thanking quote from the bottom of their heart the russian envoy, because four of that team were germans an recent rare positive good fuse here and good spin for the pro russian militant here, it comes on a day of swirling violence really this one more town, we went to and saw how armored personnel moved towards the barricades, moved into fields and caused a lot of destruction it seems or certainly pro
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russian militants steadfast a number of buses and trams blocking streets. then it seems the army vanished. we saw little evidence of pro-russian militants in key buildings, too, three dead, potentially as many as a dozen injured in the past 24 hours. we are not seeing things changing much on the ground in terms of kiev re-asserting its control. >> matthew, in moscow, what, if anything, is being sent from the russian said by the government? >> a deal of condemnation. president putin, the russian president, has extended his condolences to the families of the victims of those who burned to death in odessa. also the kremlin spokesman has been saying moscow received thousands of messages and
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requests from southern, from people requesting significance. russia says it needs russian language speakers all across ukraine if it feels tear interests are threatened. of course, russia has this is a risk of the ukrainian military. russia has tens of thousands of troops positioned in key areas on the other side of the border in western russia. at any moment, should they give them the moment to invade, they could do that. at the moment no such order has been given. the kremlin is saying they don't know what to do. they're trying to assess what their next move will be. there has been a conversation between john kerry and his counterparts here. he is calling on secretary of state kerry to do everything to
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do to stop that military infiltration in western ukraine. >> thanks very much. all right, back in this country hollywood has the oscars. tonight the washington correspondence dinner. plus, flight 370 will look different. what that will likely involve in this next phase next. [ hypnotist ] you are feeling satisfied . o
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a u.s. military tells the bluefin drone looking for flight 370 will be used until the end of may. meantime, it's moving into a new stage. >> reporter: after all the urgency of getting to hear the
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pings within that 30-day little, then having the bluefin underground to sigh what it could see in this limited area, the search is nowf moving into what the australian prime minister last week called the few phase. it's going to be a lot longer between eight months and a year. it's going to require different types of assets. not maybe just one autonomous award of the vehicle. maybe some remote ones, too, because they are widening the scope from a narrow ten kilometer radius around one of the pings looking at several other areas as well. and to make all this happen, the australians, the chinese and the malaysians are all to meet in the australian capital in chem kembra next week. they will be coming to understandings about how this
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search will move forward. and as if to prove it is moving into another phase, the families of the passengers on board mh 123e7b9 they have been told the airline is closing the varies hotels, they are being told to go home to the comfort of their home where information will be given and where advanced payments are now being made by way of kenation is. a few phase, indeed, is being given to the answers of mh 3 seven. . the few phase will be feater quick or easy. fred. >> thanks so much. shocking revelations in our preliminary report on the plane's disappearance, why did it take four hours for the official rescue operation to beg begin?
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. all right, back now to that new phase in the hunt for flight 370. malaysia's men industry believed the disappearance of the flight. it revealed stunning details of what happened in the minutes and hours after the plane vanished. i want to bring in my panel of aviationists. david, you first, we learned there was a miscommunication rather for nearly four hours. it seems like an eternity, what does this say to you about the airline's confidence? >> i can say it was about the same with air france 4-4472, you have cases like that, there is some reluctance in cases to claim the plane is missing. so you know after air france 447 there were a number of things we hoped to never see, here we are
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almost literally in the same boat. >> do these missteps are pronounced because of the scale of this investigation? >> well, i think that's true. they are significantly pronounced because of the disconnect. one thing stands out amazingly, glaringly, in their report. >> that is they went back. it was four hours had passed. the report says the military went back and reviewed tear radar tapes and expanded the search from the south china see to the straits. even the four-hour mark, they really weren't, they didn't have a clue as to where the plane was. who ill that certainly is significantly expanded the search and lost any chance of knowing where the plane with us. it didn't explain where it was in the first place. >> beyond the report, you have a reported sighting in the bay of
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bengal. now a malaysian official is saying, yes, they are likely to go look even though they don't feel that confident it is anything. do you feel like at this point they have to investigate. >> you have to look at it. at this point where there is hardly any tangible evidence at all. there are no debris or witnesses. you have to have a look. there is mostly skepticism around that claim. you know, i feel for the people that work on and under the sea like my own institution, these things are critical to focus on where that plane actually impacted the water. all these things are a huge distraction. new places require new kind of technology, new patterns of operation. so. but, you got to have a look at it. >> does it concern you that perhaps these resources have been, you know, thinned out too
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much and in this might be a fruitless expedition? >> yes, it does. that's why the meeting on monday is so important. the physicians and the people participateing in the search and the investigation have to get a clear plan going forward because this is not the only, i know, it would be nice to find some clues, but this is not the only theory out there. the search team can not respond to every teary. there are theories putting this plane literally all over the hemisphere. so they have to look at the humanitarian thing to do. it was great for bangladesh to jump in and do that. going forward, they have to have a plan and stick to it. they have to stay the course. these diversions will take away time and money. >> david the bluefin finished its 18th mission scouring the ocean floor. what should be deployed next? >> it's hard to say, it depends on where the plan is, if the
12:21 pm
plan is to stay where the bluefin is working. my sources say the shield is into port. if it's still out there, my sources are wrong. if it's the same place, then you need to work deeper. if it's a different place, there may be a role for bluefin and others. and in germany. >> family members are outraged. they were hurt that these support centers are closing in by a jenning but at some point, an airline has to say, we don't have any more information, right, we have to do this or is this timing particularly bad? >> well, the timing is particularly bad because there is still for the answers where their loved ones are. but in most air crash accidents, certainly all the ones i have worked on, the airline usually closes down its support system and they have a care team assigned member assigned to each family. they cut that off at about day
12:22 pm
45 and that's pretty standard and the reason is, that is in most cases, the case is moving on to a different stage, here because they don't have a plane or their loved ones, it's particularly bad timing. it's not unusual to close it down about this point. >> oh, boy, thanks so much to both of you. appreciate it. >> already. the other woman in this clipper owners scandal is talking. what she told barra walters about her relationship with donald sterling and whether she thinks she a racist. first, ned morton made a career of training professional body builders. when when a young pan came into his gym, he found his true call mg. meet this week's cnn's hero. >> within i'm running, i feel limitless. being in motion makes me feel free. are you pushing yourself.
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. >> are you a racist, mr. sterling? >> of course not. >> why are you holding this shield? >> why are you holding a microphone? >> i am bank mr. sterling for life from any association with the clipper's organization or the nba. >> all right. just in case you missed any of that this week, we wanted you to
12:29 pm
see that this week t. sights and sunday of a tumult can you with us week after the whole world heard the controversy. it has to be distracting for the team. tonight they are up against the golden state warriors in game seven of the nba playoffs. now, we are also learning more from the woman who recorded sterling, making those racist comments. v. viviano is speaking out in an interview with abc's barbara walters saying she doesn't believe sterling is a racist at heart. she says she is not sterling's girlfriends, rather his quote right-hand man, his wing man, who got paid off the books sometimes vivian no tells walters if she is still in touch with sterling. >> you just left donald sterling. what is his state of mind right now? >> confused. i think he feels very alone, not truly supported by those around
12:30 pm
him, tormented, emotionally traumatized. >> "dujour" magazine says sterling is also talking about v. viviano. it quotes the clipper's owner quote saying i wish i had paid her off" end quote. he has been banned because of the racist remarks caught on tape and nba owners are meeting next week about trying to 1st him to sell the team. some players are now talking about a boekt until sterling is out. so donald sterling, clearly, has a lot to deal with right now and a whole lot of people are watching to see exactly wraps. many think his next step will be to file a lawsuit if the nba does, indeed, force him to sell the team. let's bring in a sports attorney and professor of sports law at george washington university. ellen, good to see you. >> good to see you.
12:31 pm
>> so we know many consider donald sterling to be one of the most lit tl lit tellinitigous o? >> i think it's important to state there are constitution bylaws, agreements, resolutions that in par taking as an nba owner you agree to. so if he goes the anti-trust route, he would have to prove that those agreements were a restraint of trade or some action that was tacking place by the nba was a restrain of trade. the other route. >> okay. sorry, go ahead. >> the other route he could go as far as delaying is to tie this up in family court. because this involves his soon to be ex-wife, it could move into california family court and the assets could then get looked
12:32 pm
at by the family court as well. >> okay. so if there is a divorce proceeding, that precludes him from being able to sell a team if he were to elect to, bahamas it's common property, so to speak? >> correct. it would delay the process. >> just to backtrack, when you were talking about agreernlths would there be a morality claurks when an owner agrees to certain standards by the nba lee, would he have signed an agreement of morality that holds him to a certain code of conduct? >> from what we can see of these agreements so far and the nbas a released the constitution, which is for the first time everyone is seeing it, it seems to me there is a catch-all phrase. so there are specific activities or conduct, just like you and i as an employee have that we can violate, specifics is gambling or financial non-payment. there is a catch-all phrase.
12:33 pm
the catch-all praise gives adam silver the commissioner the opportunity to protect the integrity fiof the game, the best interests of the game. it is that vague standard that sterling could perhaps sue under so he doesn't lose his right to sue. now i will say in the agreement, he has given up the right to review whatever decision the two-thirds vote was to the nba owners. >> the flip side, 55 union no's attorney says she was an activist and because of the nature of that job, it would be normal, that she would take their conversation and if that is, indeed, accurate out the window comes that whole this is a private conversation thing. >> i think that's one of the issues that are getting buried. so i have seen that people have talked about entrapment. unfortunately, entrap:does
12:34 pm
thought come into play here. it's really for law enforce:and not for civilians. the other area is blackmail. blackmail is a crime particularly in california. but it would have to be proven she threatened him, physically, if you do this or don't do that. we don't see any evidence of that. >> isn't that interesting that "dujour" magazine conversation the owner saying i should have paid her off implies that she either asked or demanded. he said no, now, he is second guessing himself unless that is a kind of to confuse everybody? >> so as a typical lawyer, i would come back to you and say his statement clearly states he would have felt that money might have kept her quiet as opposed to there was a present activity
12:35 pm
that often money kept her quiet. so i think there is two sides to that story. >> i hope we have you back. we know this story is just beginning. if legal road is going to be a very long one. thanks so much, ellen. >> thanks so much for having me. in a few hours the president of the united states welcoming washington's a-lists for the annual white house correspondence dinner. find out who will roast the crowds, straight ahead, first. as we get ready for cinco de mayo, antony bour dane looks at his two sides of the view of mexico in his sunday's "parts unknown." beyond the violence and crime, the amazing people the music, of course, the food. . mexico, you see on tv, murder, corruption. mexico is a deeply troubled maybe even cursed land.
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it is also enchanted. this amazing, amazing country, the incredible food, unbelievable music, old school colonial streets, mountain, beaches, did i mention the food? you should pay more attention to this place, man. it's our brother, it's right down there, next to us. and it's really one of the greatest places on earth. >> we can't wait to take a bite out of "old mexico" this sunday with anthony bourdaine parts unknown, at 10:00 eastern, we want to know who is watching you or how raise it is for someone to get your personal information?
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cnn has a contingent of correspondents attending, let's bring in our i rin mcpike and sally quinn in our washington bureau. let's begin with you, erin, what's the expected highlight besides the president being funny? >> reporter: well, first, we do know that zwroel mchale of "the soup," will be the one roasting the president. he has told us that he is more likely going to be talking about the kardashians and reality tv. but this event is covered extensively throughout the washington media and really the national media. as you know, cnn will be carrying the event live starting at 8:00 p.m. but with all of the media in one room and so many washington politicss, you obviously, want to be careful about what you say, the u.s. very likely to wind up in the papers tomorrow and ip to them you a little bit of the history behind this event. it started getting so big. in 1993, that's the year when
12:42 pm
julia winston took it over as the dpektive director of the white house correspondence dinner. i got a chance to talk to her earlier. she was talking about that dirs dinner. take a listen. >> i was pretty nervous. there were a lot of surprises. i mean, the:t administration was pretty loose when it first started as far as arrangements. i mean, they didn't know how to use a fax machine in the beginning. there was no e-mail. it was a different feel for this dinner and i remember the motorcade arriving and they had two people from hollywood with them and they walked in and i said, you know, i hope they have seats. >> reporter: and she had some really funny stories about what people have done and the lengths they have gone-to-get tables to the dinner. in fact, she told us about one
12:43 pm
story about jfk, jr. running the magazine, he wanted a table and had senator ted kennedy call her to try to get a table. he had a florist send a huge bouquet of flowers to her house. >> did it who. >> people do to great lengths. >> did it work in that case? >> reporter: in that case, it did. she had to pull a special trick. usually, she cannot pull any favors. >> something tells me john always gets his way. sally, how are you? a have known you a long time as well as your husband bern bradley. these dinners, it gets the gowns going and kind of have a lot more social interaction where people are there covering. but this really isn't just a big party, is it? i mean, there are little stories that kind of come out of it. there are relationships that are built. it actually is instrumental, isn't it?
12:44 pm
>> reporter: well, actually, it's a pretty horrible evening. >> come on! >> reporter: i think most report -- actually, there are a lot of reporters who don't get asked, even people who cover the white house. it's gotten to be a pretty grotesque scene in the last few years, it really has. >> you mean that because of the celebs, it's no longer the reporters and the politicos party? what do you mean? >> reporter: there are all these advertisers and sponsors. >> oh. >> reporter: a lot of the reporters who like to be there don't get included and these celebrities, i remember two years ago, my husband and i went. we don't go, we haven't gone very often in a long time. it's kind of like child birth, you forget the pain of it. then you go back. >> you are killing me. >> reporter: we got crushed in between the kardashians and newt gingrich. >> ew. >> reporter: my husband said what the hell are we doing here?
12:45 pm
that's not the language we used. tom brokaw was there. >> it has become something es, something you were describing. do you think it will ever return to what it once was when 'reporters, you know, did find it to be very enjoyable and there was less of the ick factor that you described? >> reporter: i don't think it will ever go back to the way it wasch that's today ba. because it did serve to bring reporters an people they recovered in the old days. now, i only went to the cocktail hour, which was just a zoo and i was leaving to go out to dinner and all the celebrities were coming the other way. it was kind of like being caught in some european soccer match, and they all had this sort of desperate look. they said, where are you going? i said, i'm going out to dinner. they said, take me with you. because it's such a crush and you, by the i, what i was at the
12:46 pm
dinner when john zen kennedy was there. we were at the table next to his. >> did you know the story at the time? >> his table was in siberia, all the way next to the door the exit. so you couldn't see the podium. he was saying, here i am in siberia, at least i'm here. but those were, you know, those were days when it was at least more fun. but now i think a lot of people go and come away feeling a bit of a sense of self loatheing. you kind of want to be there and be seen and want to say you were there. on the other hand, it's awful painful to be there. >> i'm glad i had a chance to go when it was considered the old days, too, when it was not a red carpet event and it was kind of just the thing for core spon dents to go to and aattend with the po lit cos.
12:47 pm
we will be covering it. thank you so much. in fact, we have live coverage this evening. cnn does, indeed, have the best seat in the house for the correspondents dinner from the red carpet to the pain event. our live coverage starts tonight at 8:00 eastern. there is a little ick factor, by samly's point of view, it is a fun thing to watch. please tune in tonight. all right, so from massive flooding to twisters. it has been a week of horrible weather, how storm victim itself are trying to move forward next. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files. reckless seeding... ...failure to disappear. a backyard invasion. homeowner takes matters into his own hands. ♪ ortho weed b gon max. with the one-touch, continuous spray wand... kills weeds without harming innocent lawns. guaranteed. weeds killed. lawn restored. justice served. weed b gon max with the one-touch wand. get order. get ortho®.
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a week of severe weather a slow moving storm brought tornadoes through the south and midwest and record flooding from the gulf coast to the northeast. then there were mud slides in there. nearly 40 people were killed. here is cnn's chad myers.
12:51 pm
>> fred, it was an amazing five days. five days i can't really describe. look at the tornado damage in front of me. no, we are in pensacola. this is flood damage, but it looks just like what i saw in little rock, except the house is still standing. but they're tearing every bit of this home out of the inside because the water was all the way up to about the gutters. this house here, even lower in elevation, absolutely lost everything. some of the other scary stories here. people were cut from their attics, they had to climb to their attic as the water closed on the ceiling. there was no more air left for them. they climbed into the attic to be safe there. house across the street had to hatchet their way out of the attic to get on the roof to be saved by a boat. so we started off in little rock, arkansas. we saw mayflower and velonia.
12:52 pm
>> we were praying. >> reporter: then tupelo with the damage there. >> that's a tornado, man. >> this could be deadly. >> everything was flying. boom. a tree fell on our house, the porch fell in. >> reporter: we moved onto tuscaloosa, expecting big tornadoes in tuscaloosa on the third day. but that didn't happen. it didn't happen because down here on the gulf coast there was a front, and it didn't move. it wasn't a stationary front, a cold front, but it just didn't keep going. that front right where we are here caused rain to rain all night. almost six inches of rain in one hour at one reporting station. and this is what happened. the water came up. this is the confluence of two rivers that never flooded before, and i'm talking the water would be over my head
12:53 pm
here, i am even with the house. the water is here and not much above me before i am in the attic. neighbors helping neighbors. but the damage you incur from being wet or knocked down by a tornado can be at times similar, except being picked up by a tornado, you can get all put back together by insurance. people here don't have flood insurance because this place never floods. i can't tell you the devastation i've seen. but also hard to describe the help. i would tell you a thousand people in this neighborhood here, and very few of them know each other. they're not neighbors helping neighbors, they're strangers helping neighbors. people coming to the neighborhood to help because they know the people here are hurting. people that didn't get hurt or damaged or flooded are coming here to help in droves, in buses with churches, coming here to help people that they've never met. fred? >> that is nice, thank you so much, chad myers. next, a school trip takes a terrifying turn when a fire
12:54 pm
breaks out on a bus filled with children. [ grunting ]
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
for as long as she can remember, natalie irish has been passionate about art. when she was diagnosed with type one diabetes at age 18, even that became a struggle for her. >> i can't keep my eyes open. i can't focus on my art classes. i went to the doctor, they said check your blood sugar. sent me immediately to the emergency room. >> turns out her blood sugar was seven times higher than normal. doctors were surprised she hadn't lapsed into a diabetic coma. >> everything changed. my priorities, the way i ate and lived my life. just starting from scratch. >> not long after, something else changed, too. her style of art. >> i was going to see a band, going to a show. i put on my red lipstick and blotted it on a piece of tissue, saw the lip print. i am pretty sure there was an actual light bulb. i was like i can paint with that. >> that's right. she paints with her lips. >> all lipstick.
12:59 pm
i make a lot myself, from dollar store to boutique brand. this is just a different paint brush. >> kissing the canvas with full on lip prints, using her lips to smear, smudge, shade in portraits. natalie creates masterpieces. she says some of them sell for thousands of dollars and she's using that attention to help raise awareness about type one diabetes. >> i have a bit of an audience and i have people that, you know, like my work and then it is like okay, let's talk about this, too. >> her biggest message, fix the physical but don't forget the mental. >> every day is different. you have good days and bad days, but it is not, you know -- >> dr. sanjay gupta reporting. >> that's extraordinary. and flames ripping through a school bus. just moments before the pictures
1:00 pm
were taken. the bus was filled with two dozen students and amazingly everyone got out safely because of two women in a nearby car that saw the fire break out. they drove alongside the bus, desperately trying to flag the driver. they forced the driver to pull the bus over coming to a stop in front of it. wow. hello again, everyone. fredricka whitfield here in the cnn newsroom. it is much more tense today and more violent in a growing area between eastern ukraine and russia, and it is not just on the border any more. cities more than 150 miles into yuksz had been overrun by separatists. they ordered residents to stay in homes for their own safety. also today a team of united nations observers that was captured by the separatists were
1:01 pm
set free. cnn national correspondent nick paton walsh is in one of those flashpoint cities in eastern ukraine. nick, it is late at night right now, but tell us what's been happening. rrn well, they weren't u.n. observers, they were a group called the osce. but these men have been taken eight days ago, 12 in total, 7 foreigners, and the rest of them ukrainian he is courts, and paraded in front of the media last weekend. this weekend because of crimea envoy, they are headed east to berlin. a rare bit of good news. perhaps positive pr for the kremlin and those they support, the pro-russian separatists as well. frankly it has done little to distracts from the general toll on the ground with the violence. we have come back from a city that this morning apparently on
1:02 pm
the -- the ukrainian military moved towards a barricade opening fire, great damage was done to empty fuel tankers used to form a barricade. went to a hospital, they said three people were killed in the last 24 hours brought to that hospital alone, over a dozen injured. the town itself, quiet. no sign of the ukrainian army, despite the interior minister saying they were taking charge of key buildings. there are clashes, but kiev is not reestablishing central control and authority in key ports of the country. it is still the pro-russian militants with the upper hand. >> they promise operations will start again in the morning. any signs that's indeed going to happen? >> reporter: they're constantly on the move, ukrainian army. wherever we look, there are tracks from armored personnel carriers. there's rumors of them all over
1:03 pm
the place. the point is they don't be able to sustain their presence. they moved in today, made a big mess, a lot of buses set on fire, a lot of gunfire and then they vanished. they are trying to say they're in control of key buildings there, they are not. they're fermenting unrest and anger by having the violence and clashes, but the net result is this territory is still under dispute. that's a way everyone is very worried and russia feels they need to intervene. >> nick paton walsh, thank you so much. back in this country to the donald sterling controversy. the woman that recorded sterling's racist comments is defending them. v. stiviano opens up to abc's barbara walters about her view on the owner of the los angeles clippers. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no. i don't believe it in my heart.
1:04 pm
>> have you heard him say derogatory things about minorities in general, blacks in particular? >> absolutely. >> you heard him say derogatory things. >> yeah. >> don't they sound racist to you? >> i think the things he says are not what he feels. >> right now, sterling's l.a. clippers are just hours away from a crucial game seven playoff game against the golden state warriors. let's go now to ted rowlands outside staples center. she says she is not sterling's mistress, she says she worked for him as an associate, a confidant. she had a litany of titles, didn't she? >> reporter: yeah, she does. some of them she has given herself. take a listen to what barbara walters, after barbara walters asked her what is your relationship with this guy? he's 80 something, you're in
1:05 pm
your early 30s. take a listen to how she described her relationship with donald sterling. >> i am mr. sterling's right hand arm, man. i am mr. sterling's everything, i'm his confidant, his best friend. his silly rabbit. >> his what? >> his silly rabbit. >> his silly rabbit? is that what he calls you? >> no, i call myself. i joke around and i make him laugh. i do things that some people find very silly. >> reporter: bottom line, fredricka, it is hard to grasp everything in terms of their relationship. one interesting note, i have been told he was with her when she went and did that barbara walters interview. so they still are together in some silly rabbit type of situation there. i don't know what's going on, but there's a connection,
1:06 pm
despite what has happened. >> right. okay. one has to wonder how this controversy, now that it reached this level, given that she has spoken the way she has about him and their relationship, how this might impact today's game, or if a lot of players and coaches say i'm tuning out, tuning off, i am not going to pay attention to all these extra sideshows. >> reporter: that's what they have to do is concentrate on what's going on in the game. i think the nba's response to donald sterling, the very firm and quick response, made a huge difference because the players were torn. do we want to play for the clippers, this guy. when the nba suspended him for life, very quickly it made a quick difference. the head coach says he is doing his best to keep the players focused and they seem to be playing great. game six went down to the last second. it was a fantastic finish. tonight, game seven likely will be about the same.
1:07 pm
a lot of people anticipating this game getting under way in a few hours. >> such a great season, now they're the underdog simply because of the kind of pressure they're under that no other team in the league has to deal with. ted rowlands, thanks so much. appreciate that outside the staples center. tonight, one of the biggest nights on the d.c. calendar, the 2014 white house correspondent's dinner, dubbed nerd prom. reporters in washington rubbing shoulders with celebrities and people in power. it is nothing like a prom. it is an annual event where no one is safe from light hearted jabs, not even the president. cnn's jake tapper sat down with the host of tonight's dinner, joel mchale. >> i want to prepare for the white house correspondent's interview, watch cspan? >> i won't do any political jokes at all, i will stick strictly to kardashians, things on e! a lot of bad girls club and
1:08 pm
single mom stuff from mtv, i think people will get it. >> you think this crowd watches that. >> definitely, i think they love the real housewives of atlanta. i think everyone can relate, it is universal. don't you think? >> no. >> pressure is on to be funny. that's just a taste of what we might expect tonight. for more, cnn's erin mcpike is at the white house. all right, give us an idea, you know, who are some of the big names people are looking forward to seeing. used to be that folks just had a list of, you know, correspondents and politicos they couldn't wait to see. it is something different now, right? the celebs, that list. >> the celebs are huge at this dinner, and one big name, fred, that we'll be seeing this year is steve mcqueen. he was the director of 12 years a slave, nominated for his work in that film. i am excited to see him. also seeing the cast of "modern
1:09 pm
family" and the cast of "scandal" and "house of cards from netflix." and actress diane lane is sitting at one of cnn's tables. cynthia nixon on "sex and the city" will be there as well. as you mentioned, there will be a lot of politicians. cnn will be hosting governor rick perry, who is winding down his third full term as governor of texas, as once and maybe future presidential candidate, and new jersey governor chris christie will be with us as well, as many members of the obama administration. one other big name that i would like to point out is cnn's own brianna keilar. she will be going up to the stage tonight to collect an award for some of her reporting on the obama administration on benghazi she did last year. >> that's fantastic. excellent. i was just about to say, all of the celebs are making the reporters and politico secondary, not any more. now brianna will upstage
1:10 pm
everybody. >> reporter: exactly. >> erin mcpike, thanks so much. appreciate it. cnn gives you the best seat in the house for the correspondent's dinner from the red carpet to the main event, live coverage starts tonight at 8:00 eastern time. overseas, search teams have spent millions of dollars and weeks of effort looking for flight 370. that was before an australian company said it had found possible underwater evidence of an airplane. now three ships are chasing that lead, straight ahead. we'll tell you what they may or may not have found. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare
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an update for the search for flight 370. several navy ships from bangladesh have been sching the bay of bengal and so far found nothing. that was the area identified by an australian survey firm that claimed to detect some airplane far from the search areas, thousands of miles to the south. several of our aviation analysts
1:14 pm
say that company's claim never did hold water. the search drone, bluefin-21 hasn't produced any better results after 18 missions in the southern indian ocean. and in beijing, officials told family members of the missing passengers to go home. passengers' relatives gathered at a hotel in beijing, waiting for any word from the search. government officials gave them until today to clear out. flight 370 has been missing now for 58 days. the people in charge of the search haven't completely given up on the search area. >> reporter: the acting transport minister in malaysia is searching about that search in the bay of bengal for possible wreckage of flight 370. he says that there are now three naval ships from bangladesh in that area, including a survey ship. we know one of them is equipped
1:15 pm
with side scan sonar. that allows crews to look for debris on the ocean floor and ships are looking for any wreckage that may be floating there. the move from officials, they think it is unlikely anything will be found in the bay of bengal. they continue to focus on the indian ocean off western australia. monday there's a big meeting coming up where officials from malaysia, australia and china get together and come up with a blueprint how to proceed in weeks and months ahead. this could take up to a year and cost $60 million. this meeting monday will allow feegsz to decide how to allocate resources. we will monitor the situation and keep you updated as we hear more on the search for flight 370. will ripley, cnn. and four words are catching fire on social media. bring back our girls. from the internet to the streets, a desperate campaign to
1:16 pm
free more than 200 girls kidnapped last month by a notorious militant group. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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narrator: these are the skater kid: whoa narrator: that got torture tested by teenagers and cried out for help. from the surprised designers. who came to the rescue with a brilliant fix male designer: i love it narrator: which created thousands of new customers for the tennis shoes that got torture tested by teenagers. the internet of everything is changing manufacturing. is your network ready?
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1:19 pm
bring our girls back. >> i am the hope of a better tomorrow. >> they were chanting bring my girls back. people rallied in washington today to demand safe return of at least 223 school girls kidnapped in nigeria more than two weeks ago. critics of the nigerian government say officials aren't doing enough to try to rescue these girls and return them. >> and this was the scene in new york where dozens tried to bring attention to the matter. this comes as secretary of state john kerry is in africa where he pledged support to help the nigerian government. >> let me be clear.
1:20 pm
the kidnapping of hundreds of children by obamacare a har a.m. is unconscionable. we will do everything to support the nigerian government to return these young women to their homes. >> they're accused of abducting them from a boarding school. the group opposes education and human rights groups say the kidnappers use the girls as sex slaves. it is not known where they are now. officials think they were trucked into a remote forest. the failure to find the girls inspired people to speak out around the world, many using the #bringbackourgirls. >> that's the rally cry for nigerians on social media, expressing anguish and trust trags with how they're handling this nightmare. about 200 school girls are still
1:21 pm
missing ar being abducted from suspected militants. its not just a dominating trend there, all across the world, the story resonated with social media users calling for increased media attention and world governments to offer assistance in the search. nigerians are taking to twitter, facebook and to cnn's i-report. man well is a nigerian and sent in a photo holding a sign, pleading for the government to take action. it says i have a girl, a child. she means the world to me. #bringbackourgirls. another sent in from a student living in germany. i am deeply effected by this tragedy, especially with the length of time it is taking the government of nigeria to come forth with a positive result. and a radio present erin nigeria says the abducted girls are the constant topic of discussion at her station. nigerians are known for taking to social media to express
1:22 pm
discontent with their government, usually for rolling power outages. this time, nigerians are voicing a more profound disdain for how they're handling this. one summing up many of the messages. the government of nigeria is failing in its part of our social contract. samuel burke, cnn, new york. >> find out more about how you can join the campaign at a deadly virus from the middle east has spread to the u.s. hartland, called mers. it stands for middle east respiratory syndrome. the center for disease control says an indiana hospital is treating the first american with mers. cheap medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta tracks the patient's time line. >> he is a health care worker. he was working in saudi arabia in that capacity, and he flew back april 24th, went from saudi
1:23 pm
arabia to london, then to chicago by plane, then took a bus to indiana. it was three days later it sounds like he started to get sick, started to have fever and difficulty with his breathing. sounds like he is in stable condition, not on a breathing machine, just getting oxygen. most importantly he is in isolation. >> so far, 262 cases of mers have been confirmed in 12 countries. the woman who brought down donald sterling and didn't stay out of the public eye, and when she was out and about, she was kind of easy to spot, don't you think? just had to look for the woman with the big old visor covering her face. coming up, sanjay gupta. >> i am intrigued by the signs of happiness. when i heard goldie hawn was bringing mindfulness into schools, i decided to find out
1:24 pm
more. sgmd, 4:30 p.m. eastern. we are on a mission. it is exciting to be here at the new york stock exchange. what we are doing for advertising is similar to what new york stock exchange did for financial stock trading. it is a great combination of people and technology working together. ♪
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1:27 pm
the ex-girlfriend of donald sterling went on record with barbara walters to talk about the visor she made famous. >> people have seen you walking with a visor. why the visor? >> i am hurting, i'm in pain. it hurts to see someone that you care about hurting. it hurts to see people speculate, assume, say, throw darts at you when they don't know you. >> ironically, that visor made her a bigger target. here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: it is the elephant in the room, the elephant on donald sterling's alleged girlfriend's face. in that, we can't see through it, but we can marvel at it,
1:28 pm
stylish visor or eyesore. >> that is the bee's knees and you know it. am i the only one that wants it? >> reporter: one called it paparazzi kryptonite, able to block the shot for any photographer. her visor is compared to a welder's mask, or what serial murderer does to protect from blood spatter. folks having a ball equating it to "space balls." you know what this thing really needs? windshield wipers. on a rainy day, not especially suited for something called a solar shield, new yorkers did their best to pay me no mind. there was the occasional double take, the lingering stare. it is believed the solar shield was first popularized by pill in china, worried about sunburn and
1:29 pm
fair skin. >> a good look or not a good look? >> not a good look, it is weird. >> a little strange. >> fashion forward. >> very daft punk. ♪ >> reporter: we were lucky enough to get our solar shield overnighted from amazon, $29 plus shipping. one size fits most. even a colleague was confused. >> is that a spit guard? >> reporter: v. stiviano joins other celebrities that chose to cover their heads, from shia labeouf and his i am not famous any more bag to the unknown comic from the old gong show. >> took my dog to the plea circus, he stole the show. >> reporter: that's woody harrelson. lady gaga is always covering something. michael jackson covered his kids. as for v. stiviano, we don't know if she's hiding or planning to drop her very own visor line.
1:30 pm
this tweet suggested. >> not recommended for driving. there she is in her ferrari. at least the headband can expand when she gets a swollen head. when she gets bored with the visor, we recommend this. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> you laughed. guess what, sold out, especially that pink one on so year not going to get one. thanks for joining me this afternoon. i am fredricka whitfield. keep it here for sanjay gupta md. today i want to talk about one of the most ethical things. should we use the tools of our trade, years of our training and skills not to prolong life or improve life but to end it, to put people to death? this question came into sharp focus this week in oklahoma. there were two lethal injections planned, two the same night. the first didn't go as

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